Written by Jonathan Rudd Yorkshire has enjoyed some great sporting moments over the years, either on home soil, or elsewhere.. Here’s 5 great sporting moments with Yorkshire connections, complete with videos. Enjoy. 1. Boycott’s 100th Hundred – 1977 At nearly 6pm on 11th August 1977, after 231 deliveries, 14 boundaries and typically nearly all day
Lying at the foot of the Humber Estuary, the majesty of this windswept spit of land has constantly changed due to storms, the sea and mankind. Caught between The North Sea and the Humber Estuary, Spurn Point has had settlements, a military base, lifeboat community, and nowadays a nature reserve. It has also captured the

5 Abandoned Places in Yorkshire

Compiled and written by Jonathan Rudd Lying lost and forgotten, these places were once part of our great county’s history, but when their use finally came to an end were left abandoned and derelict. 1. St Mary’s In The Wood Church in Morley Look upwards in Morley and two towers dominate the skyline of this
Complied & written by Jonathan Rudd There have been many Yorkshire innovations and ideas, which have taken off and been to the benefit of folk in the county. Not all of these ever get off the ground, but had some of these failed projects actually happened, Yorkshire could have been a very different place indeed!
1. Yorkshire cricket started in Sheffield While Headingley in Leeds may now be the home of Yorkshire cricket, the origins of the sport in the region lays further south in Sheffield. The first recorded fixtures were played by a Sheffield XI in 1771 against city rivals, Nottingham. This city team developed into “Yorkshire” and by

Filmed in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has constantly featured on both the big and small screen throughout the ages and below are some of the best loved films and TV programmes that are filmed here. 1. Open All Hours – Doncaster 1976-1985 (2013-present)     Albert Arkwright, played by Ronnie Barker gave us laughter from the streets of South Yorkshire
Complied & written by Jonathan Rudd Yorkshire is littered with some of the most unusual landmarks and oddities to spot as you travel around the Ridings. Here’s a few of them to look out for. 1. Hairy Bob’s Cave – Scarborough  We start our journey on the East Coast at one of Scarborough’s most unusual

7 Man Made Wonders of Yorkshire

Complied & written by Jonathan Rudd While Yorkshire is full of natural wonders to feast our eyes on, there are also many feats of mankind throughout the county. Here’s a look at some of the man-made structures which help make Yorkshire great. 1. York Minster York Minster is arguably the most impressive man-made structure in