Pheonix Cinema [Source: Wikipedia]
Everyone thinks that Hollywood and London are the only places that iconic movies are shot, but as shown in our previous list, 5 TV Shows & Movies Filmed in Yorkshire, Yorkshire has also hosted some iconic movies. So today, in celebration of the academy award nominees being announced, we are going to go over some
Sheffield Stattion [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

Top Things To Do In Sheffield

Ah, Sheffield. Home of The Blades, Owls, and Sean Bean. But like every city, Sheffield has more to offer than people may initially think. What sort of things you may ask? Well, today I am going to tell you about some of the best things to do in the Steel City, to give both newcomers
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Chris Madeley is the author of the increasingly successful children’s book series ‘The Cones’. For as long as she can remember, Chris has always enjoyed reading and writing. Chris manages to encourage reading and promote living and playing morally by using her own religious beliefs, ethical beliefs, morals and her unique skill for storytelling within her
The Cones is a series of beautifully illustrated books written by Leeds author, Chris Madeley. The author brings traffic cones to life in her entertaining stories, aiming to educate children across a range of topics, including health and safety, conservation and sustainability, social values and moral and ethical principles of friendship and trust and careers.

From Mines to Hits

The holiday season has begun. For many this time is where we look back on everything that has happened in our lives, good and bad, and celebrate where we are now. While looking forward to the future. I can imagine that is certainly the case for James Aspinall, whom I recently had the pleasure of
Yorkshire. United Kingdom’s biggest county. God’s own country. Home. Yorkshire has an abundance meanings to each of its residents, be it simply a home away from home, a birthplace or even a favourite place to visit. But to the rest of the country or even the world, out lookers may see our county for the

A Walk Around Yorkshire

Following on from my ‘Four Market Towns of Yorkshire’ article, I wanted to continue this series by highlighting some beautiful walks in Yorkshire by taking another destination from each end of our county; North, East, South and West. Yorkshire is abundant with stunning scenery and country walks for people of all ages and abilities, from
During my stroll through Hull’s city centre on a cold October morning, early enough for work that i could grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat – I spotted a man sitting outside of McDonald’s in Albion square, drawing a dot-work interpretation of an iconic mural that has become a landmark within our