New funding for Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam has been a central part of Leeds heritage, and has maintained a position of importance for the city for nearly 1000 years. The Iconic Tudor Country House has secured funding to help preserve it’s legacy and promote more community engagement. Funding New funding has been allocated through the National Lottery Fund to ensure
Five-star housebuilder Barratt Developments (which includes the Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes brands) has launched an astonishing seven new developments over a short seven-week period, delivering 1,183 new homes and supporting 609 jobs region-wide. A total of £154 million has been invested into seven new sites across the Yorkshire East region. 1,183 brand-new two,
Leeds made headlines this week as childhood obesity rates have dropped. Although the drop is by a seemingly insignificant 6.4%, this actually shows a fantastic level of progress. Most cities across the western world have had major problems with getting these figures to budge. In fact, Leeds is the first in the UK one of
The Tour De Yorkshire is back again next weekend, and the weather is expected to be gorgeous. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, a supporter of sports in Yorkshire or just looking for a nice day out, finding a good spot to watch the race is a definite must. We’ve posted all the race times below
Just past the edge of Woodhouse Moor, there is another, lesser known park that has stood as a derelict site for over 15 years. For anyone that lives in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, the site is a constant reminder of the disparity between the city centre and the residential areas surrounding. Royal Park
We know entertaining the kids over the easter break isn’t easy. It’s even harder when the school holidays have already finished, meaning that there are an extra few days to fill with activities over the four-day weekend. With that in mind, we’ve found some of the best events on this weekend that will help keep
On the 8th April, a panel of experts from the Italian city of Trieste are visiting York St John University. The visit is to discuss how York Mental Health Partnership can improve their services across the city.   The Trieste Model In Trieste, the approach to mental health has been very different for a long
It’s not often that we consider how important modern technology is to us. We use it for literally everything nowadays, without much of a second thought. In fact, the only time our relationship with technology is considered is usually when you put your hand in your pocket and – no phone. No wallet. No bank