On the 8th April, a panel of experts from the Italian city of Trieste are visiting York St John University. The visit is to discuss how York Mental Health Partnership can improve their services across the city.   The Trieste Model In Trieste, the approach to mental health has been very different for a long
It’s not often that we consider how important modern technology is to us. We use it for literally everything nowadays, without much of a second thought. In fact, the only time our relationship with technology is considered is usually when you put your hand in your pocket and – no phone. No wallet. No bank
Last month, we mentioned that funding had been given to Sheffield City Council to tackle unemployment and equal opportunities in the City. We wanted to take a further look into what the council are doing for the under-privileged. It seems that a lot of money is being put towards helping people help themselves, and the
The British Library have announced exciting plans of expanding their operations in the North of England, and have recently reported that they plan to move ahead with investment for a new facility in Leeds, to coincide with Leeds 2023 Cultural Festival. New Investment Plans up North The British Library, while not relocating, have stated that
We wanted to give you a definitive list of the top walks in Yorkshire… but it turns out, there’s far too many to list them all! Instead, we decided to pick out some of our favourites to give you some inspiration for your springtime family picnics and walks! If you are heading out to go
We all like to treat our mums. A meal out to her favourite restaurant, a spa day or a walk in the park with afternoon tea. But sometimes, it’s nice to think outside the box and give her a really memorable experience. We’ve found some of the most unusual or original mother’s day events across

4 Wins from March so far

We all need a win sometimes. I think that all too often, the news is full of doom and gloom. We wanted to bring a bit more sunshine to your day, so here are some of the most uplifting news stories from around the county this month so far. 1) Lottery Fund to support underprivileged
Yorkshire has given birth to countless incredible, inspiring women. To celebrate international women’s day, here are some inspirational quotes from some reet good lasses: Dora Thewlis Dora Thewlis, a Yorkshire mill-worker, was famously known as the ‘Baby Suffragette’. At just 17 years old, she joined the Suffragettes and broke into the Houses of Parliament, which