6 Yorkshire-Based World Records

To date there are thousands of Yorkshire folk, that live and don’t live in Yorkshire. Everyone still sets our high Yorkshire  standards by actually setting World Records that are either Yorkshire Related or they attempt the record in Yorkshire. Here are a list of World Records that have Yorkshire Connections; 1. Largest Dog Walk (Single Breed
When hundreds of bottles of Gin going to auction, net worth of £50,000, it is not only the ‘Craft Gin’ company that are disappointed with the outcome as 20,000 advanced ticket buyers are left out of pocket after Yorkshire Gin Festival Ltd goes under. £50,000 of Craft Gin goes Under the Hammer on Monday following
We’ve been at odds since before the War of the Roses, and the rivalry lives on and runs deep. Yorkshire knows they reign superior to their archenemy, Lancashire, and it’s certainly for some good reasons. From frying our chips in dripping, to Yorkshire puddings and gravy, our county wins hands down. 1. Our National Parks

5 Celebrities from Yorkshire

By now, we should all know all the things that make Yorkshire great… Yorkshire views, Yorkshire Pudding and even Yorkshire Tea! I’m going to tell you about the celebrities that contribute to making Yorkshire a great place. Here are celebrities originally from Yorkshire; 1. Mel B Starting off with one of the most obvious person…

Must Visit places in Yorkshire

Believe it or not, there are people that haven’t yet visited Yorkshire. When, and I mean WHEN, you visit Yorkshire; here are some must visit places in Yorkshire! 1. The Deep. One of the best places in Yorkshire – certainly for family entertainment – The Deep will take you into depths of the underwater world,
There’s some big differences between people from Yorkshire and those from outside the county. Proud of their home, Yorkshire people are used to their customs, and won’t be changing any time soon. 1. No-one skips the gravy In Yorkshire, a dry dish is a sad day. If you’ve gone to all the trouble to cook

7 Things Yorkshire Gave The World

As we all know by now. Yorkshire is brilliant, Yorkshire is the best and WE LOVE YORKSHIRE! This might be a biased opinion but people around the world should also find Yorkshire as being God’s own county. You know… after everything we’ve done for them. Here are 7 Things that Yorkshire Gave the World. 1.
As you all know, Yorkshire is home to many great achievements and stunning locations, but in this list we will be telling you about 5 Famous TV Shows & Movies that were set in Gods Own County of Yorkshire; 1. Emmerdale (1972-Present) It may come as some small shock to you that the Yorkshire Dales