by Jonathan Rudd On 1st August  every year us Yorkshire folk all come together and celebrate our great county, its people, food, language and just everything that is great about Yorkshire. Here is a short guide to its origins and what makes the day so special for us in God’s own county. 1. The original
“I would always rather like to be happy than dignified” Charlotte Bronte was a Victorian novelist and poet, who through her tragically short life produced some of the greatest literature to ever come from Yorkshire. Her most famous novel, “Jane Eyre” has become a modern classic, while her other works have received much acclaim. They

5 Unusual Yorkshire Street Names

1. The Land of Green Ginger – Hull The origins of one of Yorkshire’s oddest street names in Hull’s old town is shrouded in mystery. Many years ago in the mists of time it is said that the street suddenly changed its name from the more mundane “Old Beverley Street.” There are many theories as

5 Unusual Yorkshire Place Names

When you look at a map of Yorkshire there are plenty of barmy names for villages. Here’s a look at 5 unusual Yorkshire place names and their meanings. 1. The Land of Nod The sleepy East Yorkshire hamlet called “The Land of Nod,” near Holme upon Spalding Moor is believed to take its origins from
Melanie Brown rose to fame as one fifth of pop group, The Spice Girls who dominated the charts in the second half of the 1990s. Her distinctive Leeds accent stands out a mile in the celebrity world. Known for her forthrightness, she brings true Yorkshire spirit to the entertainment industry in which she belongs. Early

5 Lost Yorkshire Villages

Hidden amongst the county of Yorkshire lay lost villages that were once thriving settlements, but have now for various reasons been erased from the map. Here are the stories behind five lost villages of Yorkshire 1. West End West End was a former village located north of Otley. In its heyday it was the industrial
Introduction William Wilberforce was a politician and humanitarian campaigner whose lifetime’s work helped to abolish the slave trade in the UK. It was his dedication to the cause and determination to overcome the many obstacles that lay before him that makes him a great historical Yorkshireman. Early Life, Education and Early Political Career William Wilberforce
Introduction Sir Michael Parkinson is a famous television presenter and journalist, who over the course of a fifty-year career has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, including Muhammad Ali, David Beckham and John Lennon. These interviews, given in his familiar gritty South Yorkshire accent make a refreshing change from the usual Received