Electric Theatre Cinema in Huddersfield [Source: Joshua Greally]
Now, every Yorkshire citizen loves a day out at the cinema, but sometimes you don’t want to watch the latest releases in a cinema with inconsiderate nattering cluttering your experience. And if you agree with that statement then you need to spend a night at the Shhh! Cinema. What is Shhh! Cinema? Shhh! Cinema is
Coronavirus [Source: Pixabay]

The Coronavirus in Yorkshire

Many people are understandably concerned with their health at the moment. With the Coronavirus making headlines across the world and the number of UK cases slowly rising. At time of writing, there have been 578 deaths health officials have confirmed, with 11,658 confirmed cases in the UK. Many of which were reported across the North
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Meersbrook site of Back in time for the corner shop [Source: Matthew Braithwaite‎- Yorkshire Photography Group - iYorkshire]
Despite being England’s largest county, Yorkshire never seems to get a large amount of recognition when it comes to film and TV. Well, i-Yorkshire aims to ensure Yorkshire media gets that recognition. With this new article series, we’ll be informing you about the latest media releases set in God’s own country. And letting you know
A Yorkshire Nature Reserve was saved this week from unruly fly tippers. An estimated ‘1000’ tyres were dumped on a nature reserve in North Yorkshire earlier this month. The rubbish was left at the entrance of the Brockadale Nature Reserve in Little Smeaton, Pontefract. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT), who runs the nature reserve, confirmed that
Leeds, City of Choice for Londoners on the move [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

Londoners Moving To God’s Own Country

It’s common for many British citizens to say, “it’s grim up north”. But recent statistics have shown that not everyone thinks so. As Sheffield and Leeds are becoming popular destinations for Londoners to move to. The Statistics According to Hamptons International, around 13% of people who left London in 2019 moved to the north of
Romance in Yorkshire

Romance in God’s Own Country

No matter what you may have heard, we here in Yorkshire like a bit of romance as much as everyone else in the world. And with today being Valentine’s Day we are going to celebrate by looking at what romantic activities Yorkshire has to offer. So join us and see what you can do to
Yorkshire Photographer taking a photo [Source: Flickr]
A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, and the people of Yorkshire definitely seem to think that is the case. Yorkshire, of course, has plenty of stunning destinations but some cannot be done justice by words. Sometimes you have to see the beauty of these destinations captured in a photo to truly
Property developers in the North are due to benefit from £1 billion of funding in the coming years. This funding will intend to increase the supply of property development finance to our county. According to GBB’s plans, the bank will provide tailored lending to both residential and commercial property developers. Offering secured loans of between