Yorkshire Folk Part 8 – Captain Tom Moore

“Tomorrow will be a good day” Aged 99, Captain Tom Moore became Yorkshire’s newest celebrity with his record-breaking fundraising efforts for the NHS during the 2020 corona virus pandemic. The war veteran also led a fascinating life before his sudden rise to fame. Early Life and Military Service Captain Tom Moore was born on 30th

5 Great Yorkshire Foods

Yorkshire is home to some fine food which have its origins in the county. Here are 5 great delicacies which are enough to make your mouth water! Yum Yum! 1. Parkin The origin of this classic local sweet treat derives from the time of the Industrial Revolution and is traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night. Originally

Yorkshire Folk Part 7- Amy Johnson

Aviator, Amy Johnson soared to fame in the 1930s for her record-breaking exploits which made her the first woman to fly around the world. Early Life & Interest in Aviation Amy Johnson was born in Hull on 1st July 1903. Her grandfather was a successful industrialist and a former Mayor of Hull in the 1860s,

In Search of Yorkshire’s Oldest Pub

Written by Jonathan Rudd Yorkshire is full of historic pubs with many a tale to tell down the centuries and some great pints of ale to be consumed as well. Many have seen monarchs come and go, World Wars, Civil Wars, through the Industrial Revolution and the development of the modern age. So join us

Yorkshire Folk Part 6 – Dickie Bird

No series about Yorkshire folk would be complete without Dickie Bird. One of cricket’s most iconic characters, his personality, plus his skills as a player and umpire has made him one of the most recognisable people from the county. Early Life & Playing Career Harold Dennis Bird was born in Barnsley on 19th April 1933.
1. The longest station platform seat in the world Travellers at Scarborough station Platform 1 have the honour of sitting on the longest platform seat in the world. Measuring 139 metres long, the it can sit up to 228 passengers. Scarborough station opened in 1845, with the current Platform 1 added in 1883. It is
Yorkshire as we all know is a great place to live, but do you know where the most expensive houses are and how much on average they cost? Below is a guide to the top 10 most expensive and richest places to live in our county. How this was worked out The article below is
Journalist and TV presenter Richard Whiteley was one of the most recognisable faces in Yorkshire and a regular on the telly as host of both Countdown and Calendar, which in Yorkshire earned him the nickname, ‘Twice Nightly Whiteley.” Richard Whiteley presenting Countdown Early Life Richard Whiteley was born on December 28th 1943 in wartime Baildon,